What is a bounce rate?

16 Oct 2019 - Paul O'Brien

When looking at website traffic reports, there are a few key performance indicators that are universally defined. One of the most important figures from the data is the website page’s bounce rate. You may be wondering “What is a bounce rate?” or “Do I want a high or low bounce rate?” Hopefully, after reading this page you will have a clear understanding of Google Analytics Bounce Rate numbers and information from similar traffic data aggregators.

A low bounce rate is better than a high bounce rate for the most part. That is because a bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits over total visits. Usually you want a visitor to your site to view more than one page, so a single page visit is generally a bad thing. The bounce rate in Google Analytics is this percentage of single page visits (bounces) over your total sessions for whatever group of pages you are viewing.

Reviewing the different bounce rates on your website’s pages is a good practice. One can find problems on web pages when the rates of similar pages or groups of pages are compared and contrasted to each other.

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