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Reach your audience with ads.
Reach your audience with ads.

Unimprobable Solutions offers comprehensive online advertising management. We can help you if you are a seasoned advertiser or need advertising help for the first time. Choose to run campaigns on one ad network or all of them.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the largest advertising network, and most companies spend the bulk of their advertising budgets on Google Ads. There are Search, Display, and Shopping campaign types within Google Ads.

Search Ads are shown in regular user searches, and appear alongside results.

Display Ads are graphic advertisements that are displayed on Google partners’ sites and mobile apps. Display ads reach a huge audience and are usually less expensive per click, but with less quality traffic. They are best used for an “educate the consumer” strategy where you are trying to raise brand awareness.

Shopping Ads are the results in the Google Shopping section of Shopping ads are usually setup to pull a feed of your online store’s products. Google Shopping ads are very effective.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook can be very effective. Choose demographics easily, allowing your advertising to go to your intended recipients a lot easier.

Facebook Ads are considered Display Ads, usually relying on product imagery or other graphic elements meant to showcase your brand. Companies can choose to install a Facebook Pixel on their sites as well, which allows for retargeting advertising.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads function very similarly to Facebook Ads, but are usually more lifestyle focused.

Reddit Ads

Reddit is the fifth most visited site in the United States, it makes sense that your company should be represented. Reddit Ads are display type ads, and can be laser-focused on interested site users by choosing to display only on certain sub-reddits.

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